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About Us

A short history of Westport Warriors Basketball club 2017 to date

Like a lot of sports and leisure CLUBs Westport Basketball club started as an informal group of adults who met informally in rice College on a Wednesday night.

Following an invitation for new members in the Parish newsletter and the Mayo  40 players.

At this stage it was decided to formally start a club, subject to required interest and numbers.

The first AGM was held in 2017, a committee was elected and a constitution adopted.

The club is affiliated to Basketball Ireland, the governing body for basketball in Ireland and is a member of the Mayo Sports Partnership.

Our enrolment in the first year was almost 200 children, most of whom had not played basketball prior to joining the club, while many of the new members were involved in other sports, a sizable number, particularly girls, joining Westport basketball club was their time playing team sports outside the school setting.

Our first years were very busy in putting in place a solid foundation for the growth of the club.

By the end o f the 2019 club year we had almost 400 members and were renting Sacred Heart School and Rice College for about 8 Hours per week with a request for more hours. W

ere it not for the generosity and cooperation of the secondary schools in the town it would not have been possible to get Basketball started in Westport.

Sharing gyms with schools has been difficult at times e.g. school musicals, parent teacher meetings etc. This year neither hall has been available to the club due to Covid19 and the needs of the schools.


Westport Basketball Club is founded upon the core values of humility, competitive spirit, commitment & dedication. We believe that nothing of value comes hastily, unexpectedly or undeservedly, so with this in mind, we are a club that will be self disciplined & hard working in order to achieve our core values. Our primary objective is to develop the fundamental basketball skills of all our players which in turn will allow them to compete at the highest level possible.


This hopefully will allow for a long, enjoyable, rewarding and insightful journey for all involved. We will undoubtedly have “lows” but hopefully the “highs” will be far more numerous.



  1. The values and aspirations of the Club are:

    1. Dedicated to the development of Basketball in our Community & to provide the opportunity for Members to participate in the game of basketball.

    2. To enable all participants to perform to the best of their ability.

    3. To provide an environment of fair play and enjoyment.

    4. All the activities of Westport Basketball Club will be carried out in a spirit of respect and safety.

General Terms

  1. The Club will affiliate annually with Basketball Ireland.

  2. The club will enter teams in Mayo League and cup competitions, and relevant National Competitions, where approved by the Executive Committee.

Current Position

For the future expansion of the club it is necessary for the club to have its own premises, we have passed a motion that any premises would be used to the full and would be open to other clubs/groups in Westport.

Ultimately, we are looking to develop premises with a footprint of the size of the Rice College Gym e.g.Sportlanns in Castlebar and Ballinrobe

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